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Clowns & More
 "KoKo Puff" the Clown
KoKo is a cool clown.  Yep, she's a little cookoo but very sweet.  ANYTIME is the perfect time for KoKo 
Hobbies: Stirring up fun.
Deck the house with bells and Holly, our lovable Christmas clown.   
She comes all the way from Hollywoods for a holiday and family visit.
Hobbies: Berry farming and making up songs.
Hangelina isn't a clown - she's a "celebrity" or at least she thinks so.  Either way, she's a handful.  
She loves to attend important public events because that's what celebrities do.
Hobbies: Giving kisses and doing celebrity makeovers.
IMA CLOWN (main character)
Ima has been clowning since 2005. She loves to laugh and to have others join her. She is not pushy and willing to hide for people who are a little shy around clowns.  
Hobbies: Collecting High Fives
A Family of Clowns
All characters are skilled in face painting, balloons, glitter tattoos,clown magic and performances.
Her name says it all.  She's our patriotic, star spangled clown. She's not just for 4th of July  - invite her anytime you want to celebrate, honor or salute our country and the ones who serve it.
Favorite song: "Clown in the USA" 
Christine Lowery has lived in Bellevue, NE for over 20 years. Her family relocated here as a military family and has remained even after her husband's retirement. She worked in a local dental office for 10 years as a pediatric dental assistant. She now works from home for a really cool boss (herself).  She is the mother of two, one of whom is a young adult with Autism. She also has prior experience working with persons with disabilities.  
Christine is a member of three local clown alleys.
She is also a member of Clowns of America International.
She has attended various training classes and conventions for clown, face and body art, illusions and balloon twisting.
Hobbies: Hanging around clowns.

If you are planning a family, company, church, community event or maybe you just want to add some fun to your day - Ima would love to help.

Ima Clown offers a variety of amusing and artistic ways to entertain people of all ages. 
For events or for persons where a clown is not required, she is also available to attend in non-clown attire. 

If your events requires more than one clown or entertainer, she is able to get additional persons to brighten the load. Ima knows and works with some pretty amazing and talented characters.
As a member of three clown groups, Ima participates in many non-profit and charitable events.  If you are looking for a group of clowns,  contact her for more information. 

Let's laugh together.